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Moodle Courses
by Terra Merry - Friday, 17 April 2009, 11:59 AM

If you are a Portsmouth High School or Middle School teacher who would like to set up lessons for your students on Moodle, please email me. I can set up the course for you and provide one-on-one training on how to post resources, assignments and assessments. 



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Loggin In
by Ryan Loughlin - Thursday, 25 September 2008, 07:11 AM
Logging into Moodle is easy!

Members of the ACAD domain (Teachers/Students) login with the same username and password they use to login to school computers.
If you find you are unable to login with your username and password contact tech support as this indicates a larger issue with your account.

Members of other domains do not have accounts automatically set up. These users may request an account be setup by emailing rloughlin@portsmouth.k12.nh.us
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New Theme
by Ryan Loughlin - Saturday, 9 August 2008, 01:15 PM
The moodle update from version 1.7 to 1.9 broke certain elements of the theme we were using. There was hope that the author would update the theme to work with the current moodle version but no such luck. :(
Because of that we have a new theme. I'll probably be tinkering with it for awhile so if things change don't be alarmed. Also if this theme causes problems in any of your courses please let me know.
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by Ryan Loughlin - Friday, 18 April 2008, 02:54 PM
A new, more useful (we hope surprise) wiki module has been installed.
You can add one to your course by choosing OU Wiki from the activities drop-down menu. Old style wikis have not been altered.

If you use wikis and want to give this new style a whirl, we'd love to hear any feedback you have about it.

In order to add the new wiki module it was necessary to upgrade the base moodle installation from version 1.7.2 to the latest, version 1.9.

If anything was broken during the upgrade please send an email to:
support@portsmouth.k12.nh.us with Moodle 1.9 as the subject.

Finally, we offer a big "I'm sorry" sad to Mr. Hubbard and all other users for the unannounced (and unanticipated) downtime this process caused.
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Max File Size
by Ryan Loughlin - Tuesday, 21 August 2007, 01:51 PM
The maximum size for uploaded files has been increased from 2MB to 10MB. This should enable easy upload of most if not all word documents, pdfs, and a/v files. Powerpoint documents could likely exceed 10MB and will need to be broken into smaller files and uploaded in pieces.

Teachers/Administrators can enable the higher quota via the pulldown menu in the Settings administrative section for each course.

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